How a single unhappy customer can destroy your online reputation [infographic]

By now, you should be convinced that a single negative tweet, post, or photo can hurt your business.

But, have you thought about the amount of damage a single unhappy customer can levy against your reputation? If they only posted a tweet, you might be safe from their attack, but what if they went on a reputation rampage?

Our new infographic demonstrates just how easy it is for one unhappy customer to bring your company to its knees. Sure, there’s no smoke without fire–sometimes all it takes is one customer to point out the lack of your reputation clothes–but you should still try to put out said fire as quickly as it starts.

With Trackur’s social media monitoring, you would have been aware of every one of the negative posts listed in the infographic. We give you the power to stop this in its tracks–at any stage you feel it warrants your attention.

Ignore it, and you’ll see just how much damage can be done…

A single unhappy customer can destroy your online reputation

*No hotels were harmed in the making of this infographic. We made up the name of the hotel. 😉