46% Have Googled Their Name in the Past 24 Hours; Only 6% Never Have

 As part of our recent iPad giveaway, we conducted a survey asking: When did you last Google your name? We received 725 responses, with a somewhat surprising 46% admitting they have Googled their name within the past 24 hours. Combine that with those that have Googled themselves at least once within the past month, and the number jumps to almost 73%!

Of course, you could argue that any poll conducted by Trackur would likely skew towards an internet user that is more aware of the importance of their online reputation. However, the vast majority of those polled (90%+) were new to the Trackur brand, so we think it’s a fair representation.

You could also argue that the question itself prompted participants to Google their name–and that did happen. However, most of the respondents indicated they had Googled their name prior to learning of our survey (“A couple of hours ago” or “just last night” were common responses).

So, with that all said–don’t you just love our transparency!–the numbers stand up pretty well to close scrutiny. And, perhaps the biggest and most gratifying number is that less than 6% of people have never Googled their own name.

As a reputation monitoring company, we’re excited by that low number! 😉

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