Report: top brands increase reputation in 2014; Amazon, Coca-Cola & Apple lead the way

The Harris Poll 2014 RQ Summary Report–boy that’s a mouthful–is out and it provides an excellent snapshot of how we perceive the reputations of some of the most visible brands.

Here are the top 60…

Best Reputations 2014

It’s interesting that some of the names that get thrown around for their customer service excellence, don’t even crack the top 10–Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and Lexus (Toyota). And just because you see Monsanto and BP on the list, don’t make the mistake of assuming that means they have a good reputation. Their scores put them in the “Poor” range.

Which industries garner the best public perception of reputation? Technology, Travel, and Telecoms. And, apparently, we rate the industry that brought us lung cancer higher than our elected officials!

Reputation by industry 2014

Some other interesting findings:

  • Only 31% say that they learn company information via social media tools and only 17% trust this information more than information from other sources
  • Six in ten decided NOT to do business with a company based upon something they learned about the company’s conduct.
  • 20% say reputation has improved,  this is up roughly 25% from 2013 and double 2012
  • Less than half trust companies to act responsibly with this private data 

You can download the full report here.