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The next BIG thing: Congruent Marketing

Congruent MarketingAfter years of speaking at the excellent Pubcon conference, I felt it was time to introduce a brand new concept that I have been working on for a few weeks: congruent marketing.

The general concept is that you can no longer attain success in Google, search, social media, or internet marketing by using disparate tactics. Instead, you must bring everything together under a harmonious strategy. Not only does congruent marketing make your brand stronger, but it makes you less reliant on any one source of web site traffic and revenue.

Here’s the presentation I gave:

5 reasons why attorneys should monitor social media

20130423-135433.jpgWhile social media monitoring is important for any industry, those in the legal profession–lawyers, attorneys, etc–will find many benefits to tracking online conversations.

Here are 5 reasons why attorneys should use social media monitoring:

1. “Ambulance Chasing”

Let’s assume discussions start spreading about lethal side effects of a prescription drug. Using social media monitoring, you can set up alerts that match any online conversations about those issues.

Or, why not monitor for tweets, posts or updates from those in a car wreck, employment dispute, or [fill in the blank]?

2. Trademark/Copyright infringement

Help your corporate clients out by monitoring for unauthorized use of a registered trademark. Or, take a snippet of text from any document or web page and get an alert if someone uses it on the web.

3. Litigation evidence & support

Let’s say you’re knee deep in a case where the plaintiff accuses your client of rear-ending them and causing immense pain and back problems. Fortunately, their friend just tagged them in a photo of them skydiving. How much stronger did your defense just get? 😉

4. Competitor research

A little more of a traditional use of social media monitoring is to spy on your competition. Keep track of other lawyers’ efforts to promote their practice, using social media. What are they blogging about? What meetings are they attending?

5. Industry insights

Lastly, keep track of legal news so you don’t get blind sided by a new bill or legal ruling. Go one step further and proactively advise your clients of any industry updates that might affect them.

These are just five of many reasons why your legal firm should include social media monitoring as part of its daily routine. What others would you add?

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How to get $1,000,000 in ROI from social media monitoring

When you think of social media monitoring, you likely focus on the benefits of catching an online reputation crisis before it flares up. Yet, there are many more reasons why you should listen to the web.

We’ve put together this infographic-lite to help you understand that there are many great ways to use social media monitoring to grow your business.

Let us know if we can help you improve your online reputation!

Kmart’s social media response just made me “ship my pants”

If you want your viral video to actually go “viral” you need two things.

1. An awesome video, worthy of being shared:

2. A fan base that will actually share your viral video:

Kmart Ship My Pants

However, sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you need to make sure that the spark behind your video doesn’t get extinguished. How do you do that? It’s quite simple. You take the time to thank those that are fanning the flames:

Kmart Ship My Pants Tweet

Well done Kmart, well done. Your social media savvy is so amazing, I may just ship my pants! 😉

Young urban Hispanic women rule social media? [infographic]

OK, here’s an infographic with some interesting stats about who uses social media.

If you thought rich white guys with college degrees ruled the internet, then you are either a) living in Silicon Valley or b) not looked at the latest studies from Pew Research Center.

The infographic does a great job of breaking down different demographics and social media usage However, [highlight color=”yellow”]take a look at the list of social media sites adults use, see any glaring omissions?[/highlight]

Social Media Demographics InfographicInfographic via DocStoc