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Don’t just sponsor an influencer, first build a great company, then build a great relationship

We’ve worked with clients to help them identify and reach out to influencers across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more. For us, we don’t look for the influencers that already have a reputation for publishing sponsored content. We look for the ones that fit our client’s own reputation, have an authentic audience, and lastly, and perhaps the most important factor, we look for influencers that would love our client’s company and have no hesitation in recommending it–paid or not!


Why reputation management is about building an authentic reputation

We always consult with online reputation management clients about the type of reputation they wish to build. We want to know about their character, their motivations, their goals. Most importantly, we want to know who they REALLY are.

You see, we can help anyone build, grow, or repair their online reputation, but we don’t touch clients that want help orchestrating a fake, superficial, or copycat reputation. We work with individuals and companies that want to build an AUTHENTIC online reputation.

Watch the video below for more insight:

ORM Tip: Your reputation is a reflection of your character

When you hire us to help fix your online reputation, we also help you understand the underlying changes that need to be made to your character. Whether that is your individual character or the character of your business, we help you identify the reasons why your reputation is under attack and build a strategy to improve the underlying cause.

86% of local consumers read online reviews, 40% are deterred by negative ones, 89% look at your replies, and more!

BrightLocal has come out with their annual Local Consumer Review Survey for 2018. If you’re looking for some meaty stats that relate to local businesses, then you should go take a look.

If you’re the TL;DR kind of person, then they also share a good summary. However, if you’re in the online reputation management space and want to see the visuals for the stats that caught our attention, we’ve got you covered!

Only 14% of potential customers never read online reviews of your business.

68% of customers are influenced by positive reviews and 40% deterred by negative reviews.

78% trust online reviews as long as they show signs of being trustworthy.

89% of potential customers look at how you reply to a review!

You need at least 3 stars before most customers would consider doing business with you.

Hat tip: SEL